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HVC is a center for comprehensive care for patients with cardiac and vascular diseases. It offers general cardiology care with specialized focus on heart failure. It also provides vascular  consultations  including diabetic foot and  varicose veins . It provides innovative, integrated, high quality and cost-effective care that includes the family and community.

The center offers complete patient evaluation, health education, regular monitoring, and immediate response to patients’ clinical needs. It is committed to continuation of patient care, as an option, by implementing home visits as part of clinical management.

This is a center of excellence for management of heart failure patients and a resource center dedicated to improving their lifestyle and their family’s.  It is the first ever center dedicated to Heart failure and Vascular diseases in the private sector in Oman.

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To provide affordable, high-quality and state of art specialized medical care for patients with heart and vascular diseases. 


To see our center becoming a reference institute in the country as an advocate in cardiovascular disease prevention and in promoting the health and life style of patients with chronic heart and vascular diseases. 

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