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ECG test

Electrocardiography to see the electrical pattern of the heart


Exercise test to see the heart's response to physical stress. Usually done on a treadmil. The machine is designed to give detailed response of a patient's heart to a run of exercise over a period of time.  


Duplex ultrasound to see the structure and function of the heart. Performed by a qualified technician and reviewed by the cardiologist.

24 hour holter monitor

Record of ECG for 24hrs,while the patient is following his/her normal routine, to identify any periodic abnormality in the rhythm.

24 hour BP monitor (ambulatory BP)

Blood Pressures do fluctuate during the day. It is important for some patients to identify accurately these fluctuations over a period of time so that the treatment is more personalized and stablize BP through out the day. This user friendly device simply and contiinuously records the BP over 24 hours.


Plain chest x-ray is an essential part of assessing a cardiac patient. It is done within the center with immediate result and report. 

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