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Preparation of medications

Most of the patients with chronic heart diseases are on multiple medications. The center recognizes the difficulty that these, mostly elderly, patients have to endure in trying to organize their daily medications. Hence, the center has developed a service to assist the patients and their families in organizing their daily medications on weekly or monthly basis. 

Day care for heart failure patients

For acute deterioration of heart failure patients facilities are provided in the center for short stay and appropriate management to reduce their agony and breathlessness under cardiologist's supervision.

Home visit services

It is a universal trend in the modern days to care for patients with heart failure and chronic wounds through home visits. So that the patients and families do not have to endure the difficulties of frequent and sometimes daily transportation to the medical facility. This is carried out through trained community nurses who are qualified for the service. Our center is fully geared towards this facility as part of a comprehensive patient care supported by a team of experienced cardiologist and surgeon.

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