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Diabetic Foot clinic

Diabetic foot is a major health concern leading to lots of lifestyle debilitative results or even limb losses. Diabetic foot clinic has a wholistic approach to this problem focusing mainly to the preventive aspects but also taking special care of the foot which developed ulcers,infection or gangrene. Our highly qualified  nurse and vascular surgeon work as a team to promote healthy feet and caring for diseased feet in diabetic population.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are abnormally dilated and tortuous veins in the lower limbs. A cause of uncomfortable symptoms to many people and to many others it is quite unsightly with social and psychological sequel. Depending on it's severity we offer a full cascade of treatment modalities that include injection sclerotherapy, surgery and endovenous ablation(Lazer & Radiofrequency). Our patients are well assured for cosmetic varicose vein treatment.

Chronic Lower limb Pain

Chronic lower limb pain is a common uncomfortable experience in young adults and elderly. Frequently the causes can be due to restless limbs, night cramps, varicose veins or peripheral vascular diseases amongst other causes. With our highly experienced and internationally qualified vascular surgeon and our modern and simple diagnostic procedures we are able to provide a world class care and treatment for our patients who are suffering from these symptoms.

Vascular Access and AV Fistula

A V Fistula is a type of vascular access for hemodialysis in patients with chronic renal failure that acts as bridging procedure until renal transplant. The procedure for creating an AV fistula is very simple and involves connecting a vein with an artery to increase flow of blood and pressure in the vein. It is normally done under local anesthesia as a day surgery. Our vascular surgeon has more than 20 years experience in creating vascular accesses.

Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

AV malformations and Hemangiomas are congenital abnormal distribution of veins and/or arteries in one or different parts of the body. It is quite unsightly when occurs on the surface of the body and sometimes may cause pain specially if deep muscles are involved. We offer surgical and non surgical treatment for these kinds of abnormalities.


Lymphedema basically manifests as gradual swelling of one or more of the limbs mostly without pain but in later stages with skin thickening and limb deformity. It is more common in the lower limbs. Lymphedema occurs due to interruption of flow within the tiny lymphatic channels that drain fluids back into the circulation. This can be congenial, infective, traumatic or even after some surgical procedures. Although in majority of cases there is no treatment for the disease, sticking to the instructions given by the specialist can help to prevent worsening of the condition and sometimes improve. There are some centers’ in the world that offer surgical procedures to reduce the burden in advanced stages of the disease. Hence, regular follow up with an experienced vascular surgeon can guide these patients in adapting with their condition and life style.

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PVD)

PVD is a degenerative disease of the arteries of the lower limbs that occurs in the elderly due to aging process. It involves hardening of the arterial wall due to fat and calcium deposition. The process can be faster, worse and more frequent in those who smoke or have high blood pressure or diabetes. Depending on the stage of the disease, a person can be asymptomatic, suffer from pain while walking or severe pain and ulceration of the foot. It is very important to seek help as early as possible specially if a person suffering from high BP or Diabetes. Ours is the only specialized vascular centre in the private that offer a wholistic care for this condition and provide treatment if necessary. The treatment may include balloon angioplasty or bypass surgery to improve blood supply to the lower limbs.

Stroke & Carotid Artery Disease

Carotid artery diseases and ischaemic stroke prevention. Majority of strokes or TIA (AKA ministrokes) are due to clots flowing through carotid arteries. These are mostly due to carotid artery disease and narrowing. Clinical studies showed that many of these patients, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, may benefit from carotid surgery known medically as endarterectomy(CEA). This is to reduce the risk of repeated ischaemic stroke. Our vascular surgeon has vast experience in dealing with this disease and performing the surgery if necessary. 

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